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Why Choose Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy

Why Choose Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy

Why Choose Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy

A one-on-one Physiotherapy practice in the heart of Comox, B.C.  I am a Registered Physiotherapist with over 12 years of clinical experience. My special interests include athlete management, sports injury and prevention, pregnancy and postpartum, and the foot and ankle.   My  previous  degree  in  Health  Education  has  offered  many  tools  in  listening,  discussing  and  educating  people  about  their  health-related  goals.


How I Can Help You

Why Choose Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy

Why Choose Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy

Move forward with any concerns you have about a current condition, injury prevention, or complex rehabilitation needs. A thorough assessment with a Registered Physiotherapist is a great first step in achieving your goals. 

I am trained in advanced manual therapy, trigger point dry needling (IMS), pregnancy related pain and postpartum fitness. I am also a competitive endurance athlete who understands the demands of high performance sport. 


See the Difference

Why Choose Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy

See the Difference

As an avid endurance athlete and Physiotherapist , I have learned about the great capacities of the human body - and have had a fair share of injuries myself - so you’ll find a caring and listening ear in the clinic. I love to see people return to the activities, sports, and lifestyles they’ve been wanting to get back to. 

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Follow Up Care

Follow Up Care


A 45 minute time set aside for you to describe a thorough history of your area of concern, a detailed physical exam with the physiotherapist, and suggestions on care, exercise and treatment as needed to help you manage your concern. 


Follow Up Care

Follow Up Care

Follow Up Care

30, 45, or 60 min appointments can be booked for you to follow up with the physiotherapist. Education, questions and concerns, manual therapy, exercise prescription, ongoing reassesments and goal setting are often a part of your follow up care. 

Postpartum Physiotherapy exercise mama babies movement strength core diastasis pelvic floor

Group Classes

Follow Up Care

Group Classes


Postpartum Movement Class

A Physiotherapy class for individuals in a group setting to begin the basics of movement and exercise postpartum. (Not currently offered In Spring/Summer 2020).


Postpartum Movement Class

A class to help bring mamas together in a cozy and bright space to begin movement again after the arrival of their babies.

Pregnancy and birthing bring an amazing amount of change for a woman’s body and mind. Having a baby is life changing, but also very busy, and it can be easy to forget about what your needs are too.

This class aims to ground you in the basics of life postpartum. Everyone’s experiences are unique, but there are many common threads, and opportunities to learn from others in a group setting. Mama to mama, we have the opportunity to meet and work through all this together, avoiding the isolation that can accompany us as we all just try to make our way through postpartum life.

In this class, we will go through a series of exercises that will help us learn the connections between our:

-core and pelvic floor

-breath and alignment 

-mental and physical health

-lifting and carrying techniques

-breastfeeding and any type of feeding

-baby wearing and baby strolling

-postpartum conditions and considerations (diastasis, prolapse, cesarean, incontinence, tearing, pain, special infant needs)

-return to activity and meaningful activities

This class will be hands on and limited to small groups only to allow for individualization for each participant. It is baby friendly, breastfeeding friendly, and come as you are friendly. It is also for moms at any stage postpartum, as there is no time guideline you have to follow. It is simply a place to start, a place to put down our roots, and to grow and learn from. 

Mamas with any conditions can attend, whether it be peri-natal, orthopaedic, neurological, or mental health related. A small group allows for continual monitoring and modification. In fact, special emphasis will be placed on how physical activity can help to protect mamas from mood fluctuations through the postpartum period. Body and mind are interconnected and inseparable, and fortunately for us at Nourish Wellness we have a wonderful support network of counselling professionals to assist us when we need extra help. Community is important to us, and that means you and all you do.

To individualize the class to meet your needs, an initial intake will occur separately to talk about specific goals, concerns, or questions prior to the start of the program. 

The class will then take place on the same day, time and location for 6 weeks. Spaces are quite limited, so I encourage you to sign up soon to avoid any disappointment in missing a spot.

As this is an individualized Physiotherapy intervention done in a group setting, it is eligible for submission for those with extended health benefits, as a Physiotherapy receipt will be provided for each session. If you are unsure of whether your provider covers these benefits, a quick call to your insurer will provide this information. This is a personal and professional goal of mine - to make postpartum care more accessible, and to highlight the importance of this work by increasing the number of women who benefit from such care. 

Please feel free to contact myself with any questions you may have about the class, registration, or any postpartum related Physiotherapy questions. I’m happy to help!

Who am I? 

I am a registered physiotherapist of 12  years, with special interest and postgraduate training in pregnancy and postpartum fitness. I am a mother of two young children, and I understand the ups and downs of motherhood. I have also previously trained as a postpartum doula, and am fascinated by the world of birth and babies. As a competitive athlete, I have come up against many a stumbling point in returning to fitness, and I want to make it easier for others to do the same.

Email gillianclaytonphysiotherapy@gmail.com to register for this class.

When: Friday’s 10-11am starting May 25

Where: Nourish Wellness, 1822-C Comox Ave (2nd floor, elevator accessible)

Rates: $250 for 6 weeks, including a 1-on-1 assessment

Contact: gillianclaytonphysiotherapy@gmail.com

Phone: 250-465-8707

Web: http://gillianclaytonphysiotherapy.com 


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About Me

Gillian Clayton, MPT

Gillian Clayton


Masters of Physical Therapy (UBC 2007)

B.Sc. Health Education (Dalhousie University 2004)

Competitive marathoner: 2:53 PB

Ironman Canada Pro Women’s Champion 2012

Previous member of Canadian Elite National Long Distance Triathlon Team

Varsity National CIS Gold Medalist (Soccer)

Nordic skier 

Retirement Dream: Full time surfer:)


Take care of your body - it’s the only one you’ve got.

The human body is a fascinating machine - let us help you learn about how it works, how it heals, how to stay the course when injury occurs, and how to navigate the process of getting back to the activities that make you feel like you!

Contact Me

Located at Nourish Wellness, in beautiful Comox, B.C.


Please contact me directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.

Feel free to email any enquiry to:


Gillian Clayton Physiotherapy

Nourish Wellness, Unit C 1822 Comox Ave, Comox B.C., V9M 3M7

(250) 465-8707




Due to COVID-19 in clinic appointments currently closed. Telerehab and telephone options coming early April 2020.
Tuesday - Thursday: 8am - 1pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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